G Scale Track and Accessories

The G Scale model train track was established by the same company that offered the original G Scale, the Lehmann Gross Bahn. This was built to complement the model train of the same size. The size of this scale is at 45mm between tracks which is a little bit bigger compared to other train tracks that could accommodate similar types of trains.

The G Scale model train however is not used only for G Scale model trains. G Scale trains have a ratio of 1:22 to the original. However, because of the popularity of the G Scale model, other train sizes are noted to fit in the G Scale model train track. To properly identify this type of track, the 45mm model train track is dubbed as Gauge 1 which refers to the distance of rails. The 1:20 ratio to the original is also known to fit perfectly in the G Scale model train track.

A set of model train is not complete without the accessories. A model train could be very expensive but if it doesn't have the right accessories, it will never look good aesthetically.

The G Scale Model Train needs the accessories more than any other type of model trains. Often used outside, the G Scale model train is used to display the daily lives of the individuals that are influenced by the actual trains.

Every hobbyist has to remember that G Scale Model Trains Accessories have to be robust just like the train. Most of the G Scale model trains are made of brass so that it could withstand dirt and different weather conditions. A model train has very sensitive material because it imitates the actual train up to the last detail. Just like the model train, most of the accessories should be made of brass especially the accessories that are connected to the train.

The most important train accessory for any model train is the rails. A hobbyist should know what type of rails should come with the G Scale model train. For the G Scale model train, the 45mm type of rail should be purchased to complement the model train. The rails, just like most of the accessories and the train, should be made of brass for easy cleaning and durability.

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