G Scale USA Model Trains Trains

USA Model train is one of the few model train makers in the country that specialize in "G Scale" model trains only. The tracks, the parts and accessories are built according to the specifications of the scale. Tapping the popularity of G Scale model trains, USA Trains has become one of the well known companies because of their expertise in G Scale model.

USA Trains G Scale Model Trains comes in a great variety of models. From box cars to military type model trains, USA Trains G Scale Model Trains have the right model that would answer to any whim of the enthusiast.

Technically, the "G Scale" of USA Trains is a little bit outside the actual specifications. The original "G Scale" trains have a ratio to the actual train of 1:22 scale. The USA Trains G Scale Model Trains however, doesn't come in this size. There are two types of trains from USA Trains in terms of sizes: the Ultimate Series which scales at 1:29 ratio while the American and Work Train series comes in at 1:24 scale. Although these sizes are not the same to the original G Scale, these model trains can fit to the 45mm tracks that were designed for G Scale Model Trains.

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